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Join thousands of readers building a business that works around Life Stuff (like chronic physical or mental health conditions, recovery from big life events, caring responsibilities). I send two-ish emails each week, to help you enjoy a more comfy business and life.

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Police - Seal - Sandy Eyeball - Free Goodies 👮🦭👁️🎁

I had ALLLLLL day to prepare my promo email for Lizzy’s Christmas Party and then I got a call to help a seal pup (that’s a link to a post from my local police Facebook page because they found him, and helped me). And somewhere during the capturing, weighing, and caging process I managed to get sand in my eye, and now it feels like the inside of my eyelid is made from tinsel. So I can’t pull myself together enough to write much about how brilliant the Christmas Party is. But really, I don’t...
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3 days ago • 1 min read
A Christmas tree decorated with gold tinsel, lights, and glass baubles

🛋️ Too early to talk about January? 🗓️🌲🧱

I decorated the Christmas tree yesterday, so naturally, this email is about January. Wait, what? I know, I know, steady on there girl. But I’m not skipping the festive season altogether. I will enjoy my winter hibernation much more if I know I’ve got some clients booked in for early 2024 because I like (in no particular order): Money Some predictability in my work-life Writing sales pages for clients. So I’m offering an Eager Beaver special for anyone who books in now, for a 2024 copywriting...
5 days ago • 1 min read

🛋️ Brain Brakes nearly made me say 'no' to this opportunity 🧠🛥️🦭🧗

This is an email about two opportunities, how my brain likes to immediately say ‘no’ to the unknown, how I get over that, and how you can make more money (because I think there’s a whole lot of people looking at your sales page, being held back by the same Brain Brakes that stop me saying ‘yes’ to things). Last weekend I was invited on a 2-hour boat trip to see our local seal colony. 4 years ago I was invited to abseil down the Orbit in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Both experiences...
11 days ago • 2 min read

Online Biz Equivalent of Middle Aisle of Aldi

I’ll keep the text short because the Link Buffet is long Reader Here’s my Black Friday Showcase of deals from 20+ online businesses - it’s a lot like the Middle Aisle of Aldi - fun to rummage through, and you might find just that thing you didn’t know you needed until the moment your eyes locked onto it. I know, I know this is from Supermarket Sweep, not an Aldi security camera Here are my top 3: The Worditude All Access Pass for £9/month - yes, of course, I’m putting my own Black Friday deal...
17 days ago • 1 min read

🛋️ Stuck 📖 - New Love 💖 - Let's Talk 📱 - Magic 🪄

First - big thanks to everyone who sent photos of, and stories about, their fur-covered friend, after my painful Poppy Cat wake-up call. You made my inbox a better place. And now... News from the World of Worditude 1 I’m stuck creating that book I already wrote The print-on-demand version of the Comfy Business Playbook is definitely coming, but I’ve got myself totally in a pickle over it. I wanted to add a few more journal questions, fix some typos and smarten up the appearance in places to...
24 days ago • 3 min read

🛋️ Kitty cat alarm clock shock 😼🐈‍⬛⏰😬🛋️

I had a brutal start to the day Reader 6 am Poppy cat started scratching the bottom of the bed. Usually, if I ignore her for long enough she’ll give up, jump up for a quick stroke, and settle back to sleep. Not today. Today I felt her slide her little paw up under the duvet cover, and before I had time to react she sunk a claw into the softest part of the bottom of my foot. There’s no doubt her Wake The Human technique was effective. She got what she wanted (an early breakfast). But it came...
26 days ago • 1 min read

🛋️ Spin the bottle - scribbles - squeezing - the 'gram 🍾✏️📷

This week I have so many of my own links to share, I’ve made the Link Buffet all about me. News from the World of Worditude In the last 7 days, I have….​ 1 Added Scribbles to Hello Audio The Scribbles course is now available as a podcast feed for folks who prefer to listen rather than watch (especially useful when you’re revisiting the course for a 2nd time) If you don't already own Scribbles you can: Buy it for £97 - (not my recommended action) Wait for a few weeks...
about 1 month ago • 3 min read

🛋️ Buyer, Seller, Awe-struck Bystander - I’ve got all your Black Friday angles covered

Ever get so absorbed by the thing you’re doing that it grows way beyond what you’d originally intended Reader? Yesterday, I accidentally created a course that covers Black Friday from every angle (buying, selling, admiring as a bystander). At 9 a.m., in a blissfully quiet house, devoid of The Sons and The Husband I started drafting an email about Black Friday. Then after about an hour of collecting notes on everything I wanted to include it looked like it would be a blog post, then four blog...
about 1 month ago • 1 min read

🛋️ Selling - Sending - Surfing - Another Seal 🛒✉️🏄‍♀️🦭

Ta-dah - Your weekly collection of helpful links to make your life/business more comfy Reader And back by popular demand - a round-up of what’s been going on in the World of Worditude over the last 7 days. Link Buffet first... Worried about being too sales in your emails to your subscribers? - read my new, short blog post - contains a quick and helpful exercise.​ Get help to write a sales page and marketing emails for your Black Friday offer - The Black Friday Sales System from Cheryl...
about 1 month ago • 3 min read

🛋️ A quicker way to turn ideas into sales (even though it seems a bit backwards) 💡➡️💷

Read this if you currently have, or may ever in the future have, an idea for a new course, group program, membership or 1-1 service you'd like to create. ​ Since you run your own business, and business owners are never short of ideas, you'll probably find this email helpful Reader When I created my first couple of courses, I did things in the wrong order - like this: Step 1: Have an idea for a course Step 2: Create the course Step 3: Write the sales page for the course Step 4: Launch the...
about 1 month ago • 2 min read
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